Blackhedge is financially backed by its two Canadian parent companies: Zehr Group & Matbridge Investments. 





Zehr Group


The Zehr Group is a leading fully-integrated real estate & construction company based in Ontario, Canada. With a successful 40-year track record, the Zehr Group has completed over 3 million square feet of commercial and residential projects, and currently has a $1 billion pipeline for an additional 1,700 residential units. The company has full in-house construction, development, property management, operations and leasing capabilities.  

Prior to forming Blackhedge Capital Partners in Q4 2021, the Zehr Group had invested passively in several US real estate transactions, but given their extensive in-house operating expertise made the decision to team up with Matbridge Invstments to create Blackhedge as their new US real estate platform.  




Matbridge Investments


Matbridge operates as a forward-thinking and nimble "family office" investment firm with a diversified portfolio, intent on supporting small businesses and investing in real estate, private equity, M&A, venture capital, and private lending.

In addition to providing financial support, Matbridge’s unique approach includes a focus on enhancing its business relationships through offering operating expertise and leadership support. With an extremely successful business pedigree, the active role they take in the companies and projects they undertake has continued to deliver exceptional investment returns.

Matbridge has been intricately involved in real estate investments totaling over $1.5 billion in Gross Asset Value, in addition to the acquisition and/or disposition of over 20 mid-market operating companies.