Getaway Storage LLC ("Getaway") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blackhedge Capital Partners LP ("Sponsor").  


Blackhedge formed Getaway in 2023 to serve as its dedicated RV & Boat Storage platform - with the goal being to consolidate a large portfolio of RV & Boat Storage assets and institutionalize the ownership, operations, development and construction managment side of the business. 


Getaway is currently focused on continuing to build its existing RV & Boat Storage portfolio across Florida,  with plans to eventually expand into other select markets over time (consolidating all follow-on acquisitions under the Getaway brand and operating platform).  


Alongside executing its portfolio aggregration strategy, Getaway will also be highly focused on building a talented roster of property staff, and leveraging its Sponsor's institutional real estate experience in order to help position Getaway as a leading owner & operator in the space over the next 5 years.